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Bioenergetic Healing

NES Health System decodes the Human Body-Field to get to the root cause. It is the easiest, most effective, and educative platform in bioenergetic healing.

Find out how an NES Scan can accurately detect the priorities for optimal health... in less time than it takes to get your blood pressure checked.


Body Field Energy Scanners can shows an incredible amount of information. Our system measures hundreds of wellness points in just seconds with remarkable accuracy. Instantly know where the body needs support.

Avitra Health
Avitra Health


The NES miHealth combines SCENAR (with biofeedback), PEMF, and global scaling with proprietary bio-signals to support the body's energy flow. The same MiHealth technology has been featured on The Dr. Oz Show.


Our proprietary liquid remedies, NES Infoceuticals, correct information in the body's control system, supporting its self-restoring abilities.

Avitra Health
Avitra Health

Prioritizing You

The quality of care, wellness, and happiness of my clients is my priority. I always treat my clients as I would treat our family members. I’ve always preferred quality over quantity and use all original raw products. All products and services I provide have been self-tested and proven to help.

Avitra Health